W&B Community Guidelines


I. The Essential Rules

The following Terms of Service are enforced at all times, in particular pleases note the following:

  • children under the age of 16 are not allowed on the site - underage users will be banned due in accordance with the TOS and COPPA regulations
  • no cybering, or posting other sexually explicit material *
  • no threats, stalking, harassment, or other abusive behavior
  • do not use forums/groups for illegal activities

* Exception: If you are posting work in progress for feedback that contains explicit scenes PLEASE make sure that you label with a NSFW warning. Failure to label will result in the post being removed.

Anyone found to be violating the site's TOS (or any of the following R&G), is at risk for being banned from the site. If you are a group owner, this would include your group being deleted as well.


II. Posting (including Blogs and Groups)

A. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE HERE...PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL! While most topics are fairly benign, some may be controversial in nature and will generate heated discussion from time to time. Please make sure to treat other members with respect. To quote Wheaton's Law... "Don't be a dick!!" You may not always agree with other people's opinions but, we are each entitled to our own. Debates are encouraged, but please keep them friendly. While it is OK to disagree with someone - we ask that you be careful in how you express your disagreement. Personal attacks, or language that is mocking or degrading of other members will not be tolerated. EVERYONE should be treated with respect - no matter what their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. In other words: NO FLAMING! 

B. Anyone found to be purposefully lying or misrepresenting him/herself will risk being banned from the site. Additionally, copy/pasting information from other sites or sources, without citations is plagiarism and such posts will be removed. Please don't do it!!

C. Please keep discussions in their appropriate categories. If you start an off-topic discussion in another forum, be aware that it may be moved or removed as necessary.

D. In general, please feel free to create new discussions at any time, however, be sure to look around first and make sure that there is not already a similar active topic already in existence. Sometimes it's nice to be able to access information all in the same spot, rather than having to read through multiple discussions.

E. There is a Feedback discussion - please give us your input! Got a question or complaint, or think there is a forum we are missing - please let us know.


III. Groups

A. Writing & Beyond members have the ability to create Groups, for more private discussions on a topic of their choice. Please be aware that all Terms of Service and Rules and Guidelines contained in this post apply to Groups as well. Any Group that is found to be in violation is at risk for being deleted.


IV. Images/Videos/Music

A. Due to the Terms of Service of our hosting site, images/videos/music posted on Writing & Beyond may not contain sexually explicit or graphic content. We would also ask that you refrain from posting anything that depicts illegal acts, or abusive/hateful content.  If you are unsure about something, please feel free to ask first before posting.

B. Images/Videos/Music posted on this site are assumed to be the property of the User posting them; such being the case, the User will be held liable for content posted. If you are posting something that isn't yours please be sure to list your source and/or get proper permission from the copyright holder.


V. General Info

A. HAVE FUN!!!!!


By joining Writing & Beyond you agree to abide by these rules, if you feel that you cannot, then we would have to ask you to leave :( . Be aware that these rules may be modified as is necessary - and though we will do our best to let you know of any changes - we also ask that you check this thread periodically for any updates.  If you ever have any questions about anything contained in these guidelines (or other site related issues), please PM WritingAndBeyond. We'll be more than happy to assist you in any way possible.

Lastly... running a website (even with basic features) costs money. We'd really like to keep Writing & Beyond free for members to use, and as such, will not be charging any sort of membership fees. However, if you like the site and want to help keep it up and running, please feel free to donate to the cause. Every little bit helps and we would greatly appreciate it!!

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